11 Awesome Adult Summer Camps in the United States

Being a kid has its major perks, including the awesome summer camps that your parents use to ship you off to each summer. But then you had to grow up and those long days of camp were over. Good news though, companies and people all over the United States are recognizing that we all need a little summer camp experience in our lives. Nowadays whether you are looking for a getaway complete with beer pong, slip n’ slides and water trampolines, or looking to hone your survival skills for the zombie apocalypse; there is a summer camp for you. Here are 12 awesome adults only summer camps in the United States.

11. Moab Under Canvas -Moab, Utah

For those adult campers who are looking for a thrilling adrenaline packed summer camp, Moab Under Canvas is perfect for you. Described as a scout camp for grownups, this camp is all about adventure during the day and luxury camping at night. Whether you want to raft the Colorado River for a day, take a hot air balloon over the sandstone valleys or take a guided rock climbing tour, Moab has you covered. From hiking to mountain biking to horseback riding, we promise you will never be bored. Luxury accommodations include deluxe tents complete with private bathrooms and real wood floors, secluded suites with a separate bedroom and wood burning stove and traditional tipis. Expect campfires, s’more making and more at this awesome grown up summer camp.

10. Coney Island’s Sideshow School -Coney Island, New York

Have you ever dreamed about running away and joining the circus? If so, your dream just got a little closer to reality with Coney Islands’ Sideshow School in New York. Depending on whether you want to learn how to hammer a nail into your skull or you are more interested in burlesque, will depend on which program you should sign up for. The sideshow skill is perhaps the most intriguing as campers will learn acts such as fire eating, snake charming, sword swallowing and more. This summer program runs for three days and a price of $1000, we have to imagine that this program is beyond epic. Who knows, maybe you will be the next performer up on stage at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.

9. Space Camp -Huntsville, Alabama

Have you always wanted to be an astronaut but just didn’t quite make it? Or perhaps you are jealous of your kids that are off to an amazing space camp? Whatever the reason is, Adult Space Academy is here to take adults on a two-night epic experience and learn what it takes to become an astronaut. The weekend program includes model rocket constructions and launch, interactive space missions, training on the astronaut’s simulators and hands-on spaceflight history education amid one of the world’s largest spaceflight collections. We will warn you though that space is extremely limited and fills up fast as this is the only program available to adults. The downsides may include no drinking, lots of children and the questionable windowless pods you sleep in. There are no luxury meals or campfires, but for three days you get to be a real astronaut. And deep down inside, everyone wants that.

8. Shelter Co -California, Texas, and New York

Shelter Co is definitely not for the average summer camper. This company caters to groups of people who miss the good old summer camp days but want something more luxurious. This pop-up summer camp will actually set up location anywhere you want; we recommended that you ask for their expert opinion. Once you have a set amount of people ready to live out your ultimate summer camp, Shelter Co. does all the legwork, from bringing the tents, bathroom facilities and even the furniture. Think luxury canvas tents that are set up like lodge retreats, 400-count sheets and carpeted floors. The company will plan every detail of your trip from food to events to activities. Why not spend the days wine tasting, only to come back to a campfire you can roast marshmallows over, or an outdoor movie theatre. Definitely not your bunk bed days of summer camp, but instead an awesome vacation with a whole lot of old friends.

7. Zombie Survival Course -Whiting, New Jersey

They pride themselves on being the Original Zombie Survival Camp, a complete hands-on, fully equipped training facility. Visitors to this awesome summer camp will learn how to survive any kind of disaster from a natural catastrophe to the zombie apocalypse. Advanced first aid, close quarters self-defense, firearms training with live ammunition and crossbow training are just a handful of skills that are taught. The weekend camps include shelter making, understanding night vision, team leading skills and more. These camps are all inclusive and provide lodging and meals, as well as plenty of adult beverages at the end of each day. The four trainers, three of whom started the camp are full of knowledge and love to share it with campers, and there will be plenty of one-on-one time to practice your skills. Bring your partner, friends, co-workers or come alone to this one of a kind summer camp for adults.

6. World Poker Tournament Boot Camp -Las Vegas, Nevada

All your poker questions answered…guaranteed, is the logo of the WPT boot camp that takes place in Las Vegas. This three day camp offers poker lovers the chance to spend time with professional players who are experienced instructors. Day 1 of this camp focuses on the cash game, teaching you how to think like a pro. This total-immersion training has you studying, talking and practicing poker the entire day, all under the guidance of the pros. The second day of camp focuses on teaching you how to analyze hands and how to develop your own unique playing style. The last day of camp is time to practice everything you have learned with the pros. Classes run from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm and include lunch. If you have ever wanted to play poker like a pro, this is the summer camp for you.

5. Wines Crush Camp -Sonoma and Napa, California

Wine lovers unite at this three day camp put on by The Diageo Chateau and Estate. Campers will have the chance to get out in the vineyard with winemakers for three days, learning how to harvest, crush and blend wine. They will be an integral part of taking the wine from vine to table. Campers will follow their grapes to the crusher, help sort them and roll barrels to create their own wine. Participants will learn about the importance of barrel selection and the importance of the geography, geology and climate. Meals are included here and the executive chef of Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines will lead the group on preparing a harvest dinner. Foodies, wine lovers and business owners most frequent this summer camp, complete with an abundance of wine tastings.

Red Wine Grapes

4. The Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp -Las Vegas and New York

Campers here can learn from their Rock n’ Roll idols such as Slash and Joe Walsh and will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, weather you are 30 or 65 years old. You can either bring your own instrument to this camp or use one of theirs and expect plenty of daily jam sessions. Small bands allows campers to write and rehearse a song with a celebrity musician and at the end of camp there is one final Battle of the Bands performance, where you will play at the sold-out venue with stars such as Brian Wilson and Roger Daltrey. Plan on hanging out at the hotel bar with all of the celebs as everyone at this rock camp stays at the same hotel. For any music lovers, this is the ultimate dream.

Las Vegas

3. Soul Camp -Pennsylvania and California

This adult sleep away camp focuses on play, exploration and untamed joy, promising to reawaken your soul to what it was when you were a kid. This four day four nights, total mind, body and spirit immersion encourages campers to participate in activities such as yoga, meditation, fire burning, astrology, organic farming and arts and crafts. Cozy cabins, campfires complete with s’mores and no cellphone attached to your hand are what matter here. Days are structured around group meals, activities such as hiking, boating and swimming, free time, talent shows, concerts and late night dance parties. The food is both healthy and delicious, serving camp classics with a twist and organic fresh fruits and veggies are made available at every meal. If you want to escape the world, reawaken your soul and meet new friends; Soul Camp may just be the perfect summer camp for you.

2. Club Getaway -Kent, Connecticut

Your ultimate summer camp vacation starts at Club Getaway in Kent Connecticut. It is here where you can make new friends, get active, seek adventure and party on as these all inclusive weekend getaways are actually more fun than your summer camp was as a kid. Comfortable cabins overlooking the lake complete with air conditioning, private bathrooms and daily housekeeping set the stage for an awesome weekend. Days bring sports such as canoeing, wake boarding, rock climbing, zip lining, mountain biking and a variety of exercise classes. If sports aren’t your forte why not head out for a vineyard tour, learn the salsa, cook with a culinary genius or grab a book and hit the beach. Happy hour includes the karaoke beer garden, games of flip cup and beer bong while dinners are impressive and delicious. Late night campfires and dance parties in the boathouse club end off your nights. It’s a good thing these camps don’t last more than 3 days, as we never want to leave.

1. Camp No Counselors -Chicago, LA, New York, Nashville

This all-inclusive sleepover camp for adults is hosted over three nights at some of the most beautiful sleep away camps in the world. The camps run year round and include cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. A typical day at this camp starts with breakfast and mimosas or bloody mary’s; whichever you prefer. The morning is spent doing amazing activities such as water skiing, playing capture the flag, tubing and more. Lunch is served up with plenty of barbecued items and of course lots of beer and wine. The afternoon offers a plethora of activities including hiking, archery, slip ‘n slides, dodgeball and more. Happy hour, dinner and a camp-wide activity such as a talent show happen, just before the all night dance party complete with a theme takes place until 2 am. This party weekend is the ultimate summer camp for grownups in our opinion.