11 Authentic Traditional Pubs in Scotland Photo by: Freddie Phillips via Flickr

11 Authentic Traditional Pubs in Scotland

The wealth of pubs throughout Scotland is staggering, with so many options it can be hard to choose where to throw back some pints. Plenty of trend-setting pubs have hit the scene, adding to the diversity of watering holes in small and large cities alike. Set aside the new kids on the block and head to some of Scotland’s traditional pubs, some which have been around for hundreds of years, and enjoy a longstanding facet of Scottish culture with some good company, a delicious brew, and a jovial backdrop filled with interesting characters.

11. The Admiral, Glasgow

Glasgow’s Admiral pub doesn’t look like much from the outside–not many of the traditional pubs really–with a large, red rectangular sign and some pretty hum-drum woodwork–but it still draws in an interesting, contemporary crowd that’s picking up where the old men left off (not that you won’t find an old Scottish gent or two inside). The weathered bar stools upstairs are the perfect place for a relaxed pint while downstairs throughout the weekend, there’s plenty of opportunity to kick up the rug and enjoy some dancing. The high ceilings and comfortable sofa seating makes this more like your ma and pop’s teenage basement party but the times are good and the choice in pints is great. Get there soon as there’s talk of having to move the iconic location to make way for new office buildings.

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