11 Achingly Beautiful Images of the Australian Outback

11 Achingly Beautiful Images of the Australian Outback

The rugged charm and desolate beauty of the Australian outback has captivated outsiders for decades. Its reputation as a harsh and hostile environment seems to somehow make it even more intriguing. These photos seem to beautifully summarize exactly what we think about Australia’s outback; wild roaming animals, desolate open space and landscapes that could easily pass as being from another planet all together.

1. Kangaroos are in abundance throughout Australia but in the outback they can be found in large mobs where they’re free to roam as they please. Fun fact: The Red Kangaroo is the largest living marsupial weighing up to 200 lbs. It can also leap up to 25 feet far and 10 feet high.

kangaroos outback

2. There are many gorgeous rock formations throughout the Australian outback, some more famous than others but all usually have a unique story about their formation or the aboriginal spirits around them.

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