10 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States


3. Reno, Nevada

Often referred to as Las Vegas’ poorer cousin, the “biggest little city in the world” suffers some BIG issues when it comes to violent crime and unemployment. With a populous of 227,509, despite the luck, lights, and glamour promised to gambling tourists, Reno residents have suffered drops in housing prices, drastic cuts in public services, and layoffs. However, despite the setbacks, Reno is attempting to reinvent itself with revitalization projects like The River Walk, a water and sculpture path built in the middle of this once, seedy run-down city center.
Reno Nevada 1

4. Cleveland, Ohio

This city was ranked by Forbes as one of the most miserable cities in the U.S., earning it the name “Mistake by the Lake”. It’s true that Cleveland is plagued by high crime, brutally frigid and unpredictable winters, and a mass exodus of residents that has equaled 71,000 migrating out of the city over the past 5 years. However, one can’t overlook that despite being one of the poorest cities in the U.S. as it shifts from a rust belt city, C-Town is culturally diverse as a rap/hip hop Mecca, along with boasting some stellar cultural attractions—including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, Progressive Field and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
Cleveland Ohio

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