10 Unique Glamping Experiences in North America Photo by: Alistair via Flickr

10 Unique Glamping Experiences in North America

North America is full of unique hotels, RV sites and camping destinations, but for travelers that are itching to explore the outdoors without sacrificing amenities such as hot showers and a comfortable bed, they are in luck. Glamping has come to North America and is taking the world by storm, combining the comforts of home with an epic experience in nature. From luxurious safari tents that feature private hot tubs to personal chefs and butlers at your beck and call, spending the night in the wild doesn’t mean sleeping in a wet tent anymore. There are endless opportunities to get your ‘glamp’ on in North America and here are 10 of the most unique.

10. Soule Creek Lodge, British Columbia

Soule Creek Lodge is one of the most talked about fashionable glamping lodges with its chic yurts and upscale cabins. The goal of this lodge is to introduce visitors to the West Coast and show them the true authentic experience. This includes visits to some of the largest trees in the world, treks down to the beach and eco-marine adventures. Visitors should take advantage of the amazing yurts here as they are unlike any other in the world. Each one is slightly different but some of the most talked about amenities are the natural stone mosaic tiled showers, the spacious living room within the yurt, the large number of windows to let natural light in, the fine furnishings, the native artwork and the absolutely stunning views of the ocean they offer. Overall this lodge is one of the best glamping experiences in all of North America and guests return each year to enjoy it.

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