10 Things to See on Your Trip to Montreal

10 Things to See on Your Trip to Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, and the second largest city in the entire country. With hundreds of interesting attractions, it is no surprise that this city has been called ‘Canada’s Cultural Capital’. Each year, thousands of tourists go to Montreal to partake in some of its culture, and here is a list of the top ten must see destinations.

1. L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal

L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal (OSM), or the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, is often ranked as the number one tourist attraction in the city of Montreal. Housed in the state of the art Montreal Symphony House that recently opened in 2011, the history of this world renowned musical institution dates back to 1934. With a seating capacity of 1,900, visitors are sure to enjoy the OSM and be thoroughly entertained.


2. Montreal Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique de Montreal)

This 190 acre collection of gardens and greenhouses dates back to 1931, and is one of the most important renowned botanical gardens in the world. Each garden has a theme and there are flowers and plants from all around the globe. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the Montreal Botanical Gardens also educates the public about horticulture, conducts research and preserves endangered plant species. Between November and April the outdoor gardens are not available, but the greenhouses are open year round.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

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