10 Things to See and Do in Venice

10 Things to See and Do in Venice

Rich in history, bursting with culture, dripping with marvelous architecture, full of life; this is Venice. Loaded with marvelous museums, historical buildings and located just a short ferry ride away from several wonderful islands there is no shortage of things to see and do here. From the bustling fresh seafood markets to the authentic restaurants tucked away in corners to the delicious coffee; you won’t go hungry in this city. Gondola tours, ghost walks and panoramic views of the city from the top of a bell tower are just a glimpse into what you may discover in Venice. Hop aboard as we discover ten things to see and do in this magnificent city.

10. Take a Gondola Tour

When one mentions the city of Venice it’s hard not to immediately think of those iconic gondolas. Although they are full of tourists and not as romantic as the movies make them out to be, your trip to Venice wouldn’t really be complete without one. Choosing the right person to take you out can make all the difference and getting a recommendation when you are in the city is the best choice.

Whether you choose to ride through the Grand Canal or your gondola takes you through the smaller canals and rivers it is truly an experience you can’t get elsewhere. The views of the aged buildings with the ornaments stuck in the walls, the architecture that exists, the crumbling foundations of the waterlogged structures, the intricate designs of the doorways; these are what make the gondola tours so incredibly remarkable. Don’t bother booking ahead for a tour as there are an abundance of operators wherever you choose to take your gondola from. For a more traditional way of crossing the water, try your hand at riding the traghetto where locals stand up as they cross from one side of the canal to the other in a small transit gondola.

Venice Gondola Ride

9. Explore the Rialto Markets

Often described as a visual feast, the Rialto food markets will have any foodie salivating as you explore the fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. Set your alarm to wake up early and watch as the barges arrive at dawn and the vendors start to assemble their stores. Most of the shops close up by noon so getting here early is a must as by 8am shop owners are already busy haggling and bargaining with customers. Work your way from left to right after you have crossed the Rialto Bridge to maximize your experience at the markets.

The Erberia Market is the vegetable market which you will encounter first bursting with colour and variety with the freshest produce available to purchase. Feel free to bargain with the vendors but remember to pay them a fair price. The next market you will happen upon is the fresh fish market; also called the Pescheria. Watch as the sellers toss the fish to one another having fun while doing it as you enjoy marveling at the variety of seafood choices. Spend the morning at the markets and get a sense of the true culture of Venice.

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