The Best Things to See and Do in Sedona


6. Slide Rock State Park

After a day spent trekking the sand and rock of the desert, what could be better than a swimming hole with cool mountain water and an ancient all-natural water slide? Actually it might be good for hangovers too. Oak Creek’s slippery bottom offers a gentle gradient into the red sandstone pool at the bottom. Some prefer jumping directly into it off the small cliffs on shore. The scenery is so spectacular, many movies have been shot there. But at this point until the end of this post, unless specifically stated otherwise, wherever it is in Sedona, it goes without saying the scenery is spectacular. Fodor’s Travel Guide calls Slide Rock a “historical little gem” and the eighth best State Park in the Union out of 8,000. On hot summer days, the lineups can be fearsome so don’t even think about trying the midday rush hour.

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