Exciting Things to See and Do in San Antonio, Texas

Exciting Things to See and Do in San Antonio, Texas

The dynamic city of San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in America and the second most populous in the state of Texas only coming behind its big sister Houston. This popular Texas tourist destination offers a wide variety of sights and activities in every category from arts to history to family fun. Historic landmarks like The Alamo and San Fernando Cathedral give insight into the city’s significant past while the famous River Walk and Botanic Gardens display all the beauty the city has to offer. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the Lone star state, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of San Antonio and check out some of the great attractions featured here.

10. Majestic Theatre

Built in 1929, this magnificent theater holds all sorts of magic inside its star and cloud plastered dome. Whether there to see a movie, concert or comedic performance the Majestic will make audience members believe they are in a classical Texas theater dating back hundreds of years.

At 2,311 seats the Majestic Theatre is San Antonio’s largest theater as well as its oldest. Not only was the destination designated a National Historic Landmark in 1993, but it’s the home of the San Antonio Orchestra which has been impressing audiences at the venue since 1989. The film The Alamo starring Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton premiered at the Majestic in 2004, a historic setting fit for the epic story that is engraved in Texas’ history. In addition to all its history, the Majestic was also the first theater in the state to be entirely air-conditioned, a feature that if you’re familiar with Texas temperatures couldn’t come soon enough.

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