The Best Things to See and Do in Sacramento

The Best Things to See and Do in Sacramento

With more than 230 days of sunshine annually and often called the city of trees; Sacramento is the perfect city to explore inside and out. The capital of California is rich in history and culture with a twist of modern added. Step back in time to Old Sacramento where you can explore underground tunnels and buildings that have existed for over hundreds of years. Cool off with an ice cream filled donut; a unique twist on the typical ice cream cone or splash in the class three rapids as you rip down them on a raft. Discover the community of everything apple, the longest running art museum in the West and a riverboat turned into a hotel. Around every corner something new awaits and here are our top ten things to see and do in the city of Sacramento.

10.  American River Parkway

This 23-mile long bike path runs along the American River to Folsom offering visitors scenic beauty and lots of wildlife spotting. Whether you are biking, walking, rollerblading or jogging; this wide path provides enough space for everyone. The numerous dirt trails that run alongside the path are perfect for dirt bikes or horseback riding while the river is popular for rafting and fishing.

Keep your eyes peeled for rabbits, turkeys, beavers, birds and perhaps you may even spot a river otter in the waters. Pack a picnic and set up under one of the large trees in the soft grass. Or splash in the water fountains that operate during the summer. Catch a festival or weekend race that often happen riverside or watch as the fishermen wade into the waters during the early mornings. The American River Parkway is the perfect opportunity to get outside and explore the beautiful nature and sunshine this city offers all year around.

American River Parkway
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