The Top Things to See and Do in Richmond, Virginia

The Top Things to See and Do in Richmond, Virginia

Are you looking for an exciting and well-rounded journey? Then Richmond, Virginia might be just the city you’re looking for! Richmond has emerged as a vibrant city and vacation-destination spot. The history of this awe-inspiring place is embedded deep within the American Civil War. Did you know Richmond has more civil war sites than anywhere else in America? Be prepared to peek into an important part of America’s past within the architecture of story-telling. Wander through Richmond and discover the magic of a city known as ‘The River City’. After the history exercise, stretch out to some of Richmond’s favorite things to do and see. This place has everyone covered from thrill-seekers to families to history buffs; the energetic River City has dared to provide a palette of balanced life. We pulled the best activities, tours, recreational activities and more from a city difficult to narrow down to only 10 spots and put it together for you at Here’s the top 10 for Richmond:

10. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Richmond hosts one of the largest botanical gardens in the whole nation. It is only natural this plush place sits on historical grounds, spreading over 40 acres. A wide variety of themed gardens touch the grounds around a conservatory and the visitor’s center. Topped by a 60-foot dome, the conservatory is life to exotic plants found in other parts of the world. Orchids decorate the 11,000 square foot building, as well as seasonal displays. There are over 15 different types of gardens to explore. Most recently adding a children’s interactive garden where kids of all ages experience hands on exploration. Gardens within a garden let children run between a farm while picking vegetables, playing in a water area, trekking down adventure pathway, and exploring other activity centers.

The Healing Garden teaches about the medicinal use of healing plants. Designed with meditation in mind, this garden was inspired after a renaissance time in Italy. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens calls you in to relax in an aesthetically pleasing environment. You can marvel at the cobblestone paths, the classic Georgia-inspired architectural buildings, or surround yourself with the scents flowing from the rose garden. When you are finished, you can continue the feeling with a good meal and a good view in the Garden café. You will not want to miss out on this calming, sensory experience.

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