The Best Things to See and Do in Quebec City

The Best Things to See and Do in Quebec City

Loaded with history and culture; Quebec City is a magical wonderland in the winter and a breathtaking landscape in the summertime. Whether you are coming to experience the enchanting twinkling lights and holiday season or you are coming to explore one of the world’s most walkable cities; Quebec City will not disappoint. The rural countryside of New France awaits you in the villages that line the Saint-Lawrence and the Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier beckons you with her call of breathtaking scenery. Spend a night or two in luxury at the newly renovated Fairmont Le Château Frontenac overlooking the powerful Saint-Lawrence River and the historic walled old city. Discover the true meaning behind the Citadelle and its star shaped layout and tour the parliament buildings with an informative guide. Bask in the sun on the wooden boardwalk and dine on the dish that Canadians have come to love. Quebec City is full of opportunity, history and promise and here are ten great things to get you started in this city.

10. Eat Poutine

Visiting Quebec without eating poutine is almost equivalent to visiting Italy and not having pizza or pasta; it is simply a must do. Quebec City is the perfect place to find a traditional poutine. For those reading this wondering what we are talking about let’s take a moment and break down what poutine actually is. Picture a heaping pile of crispy french fries topped by a handful of cheddar cheese curds, and a chicken or veal based brown sauce (gravy). Poutine was born in Quebec City and remains a staple of things to eat while you are visiting.

Chez Ashton in Quebec City is the local’s favourite poutine spot. Although a fast food chain with over 26 locations now, Ashton’s still sources all its products locally and makes every order fresh. Potatoes from nearby farms, cheese that has never been refrigerated and secret sauces made in-house are all combined to make the perfect poutine. Owner Ashton Leblond is said to have imported the idea of making poutine back when it was invented and let his customers try it for free. The rest is truly history. If you can find time to dine on this iconic Quebecois staple, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Quebec Poutine
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