Exciting Things to See and Do in Portland

Exciting Things to See and Do in Portland

Portland, Oregon – a place many consider the hipster capital of the world, but for those willing to put that perception aside, this Northwest city offers up a little something for everyone. Foodies will delight in everything from lunches at food carts to the brunch rituals observed each weekend. Nature lovers can kayak the Columbia River at sunrise and hike the hills at sunset. Shopping addicts will be thrilled by the lack of sales tax as they flit around the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, browsing local stores as unique as Portland itself. The city offers so many enticements that it’s difficult to name just 10.

10. Walk the Hawthorne Bridge

You can go native and bike across one of Portland’s nine bridges, but when you get caught up in the blur of cyclers, it’s difficult to slow down and properly absorb the views. While many companies offer walking tours to shuttle you back and forth across the river, you don’t need a guide to take in the scenery. Start the Hawthorne Bridge at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland and walk east across the Willamette River, glancing backward at the center’s sparkling skyscrapers and forward toward Mount Hood, the 11,250 peak that towers over the city on clear days.

Hawthorne Bridge, Oregon
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