10 Things to See and Do in Perth

10 Things to See and Do in Perth

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is often described as one of the most isolated cities in the world.  It lies a 42 hour non-stop drive west of Sydney across bush and desert (Jakarta is closer), so it’s understandable where the assertion comes from.  But the city, with its gorgeous climate, never-ending beaches and relaxed pace of life, is an absolute dream.  Making the trip there is more than worth the effort, and once you’re there, who knows how long you’ll end up basking in Perth’s glorious isolation?

10. Go to the Beach

The weather in Perth from April to October, and even on the odd day through the winter months, makes trips to the beach absolutely mandatory.  Two of the more well-known spots are Scarborough, with its never ending stretch of brilliant white sand, and Cottesloe, known for its beautiful seaside green spaces, and famous Indiana Teahouse Building which has a restaurant on the top floor, perfect if you’re looking for some shade and a bite to eat.  Located close by are The Cott Hotel and Ocean Beach Hotel which are great for anyone in a livelier mood looking for a decent watering hole, and somewhere to dance while the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.  If you’re looking for somewhere a bit quieter check out Pinky beach or Rockingham south of the city to name just a couple.  There’s more than enough sand and sky to go around.

Cottesloe Beach
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