The Top Things to See and Do in Minneapolis-Saint Paul /

The Top Things to See and Do in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Most travelers wouldn’t rank Minneapolis Minnesota highly on a bucket list of their top places to visit. The city’s bleak, dreary cold winter weather tends to be where most minds wander and images are conjured. However, the truth is far different. In actuality, Minneapolis is a destination with a rich variety of sights to see and places to visit for tourists. From natural beauty and scenery to arts and entertainment, there’s something everyone can enjoy in the Twin Cities. Here are 10 things to see and do in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

10. Lake Nokomis

One of several lakes in Minneapolis, Lake Nokomis is named in honor of Nokomis, the grandmother of Hiawatha, hero of the poem ‘The Song of Hiawatha’. The lake is located at the southern part of the city and when initially purchased in 1907 it was a very shallow 5 feet deep, in its deepest spot. Thanks to some dredging, the lake has taken on a different look in more modern times.

More recently, Lake Nokomis has undergone a preservation project to create more native vegetation along its shores in addition to a number of artificial ponds being added to areas where flooding was such a regular occurrence. Locals use the lake for fishing and sailing, with the surrounding area including facilities for jogging, softball, cycling and other sports. Lake Nokomis makes for a perfect afternoon getaway for a family picnic, some physical activity, or just a little relaxation.

Lake Nokomis
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