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10 Things to See and Do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that is filled with exceptional culture, warm friendly Midwesterners and natural beauty. Whether you are visiting friends and family, taking a vacation, or here on business this city offers a lot more than what you may think. Birthplace of the famous Harley Davidson Company, home to many spectacular architectural buildings and a beautiful sculpture garden; this city is begging to be explored. Discover the Safe House; one of the best secret places to visit in America where you can live out the spy fantasy you have been harboring for years. Sing along with a pipe organ, visit the apes or stop and smell the flowers; discover the best of Milwaukee with these 10 things to see and do in this city.

10. Milwaukee Art Museum

The structures alone that are known as the Milwaukee Art Museum are a good enough reason to visit this spot; the stunning white marble and gorgeous lake views will knock your socks off. Along with the 9-foot vaulted glass ceilings and white suspension bridge are four floors of rotating art exhibits and an excellent in-house café serving delicious local food. Housing over 20,000 works of art this museum has put Milwaukee on the map. From antiquity to present, from 15th century paintings to 20th century sculptures; the museum is known for its collections of American Art. Photographs, self-taught art, paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings are all part of the exhibits. Visitors should check the website for any special exhibits, performances or lectures that are going on during that time as these are a must-see. Immerse yourself in culture and history as you walk through these buildings that are so often referred to as the “belly of a whale”. Experience one of the most talked about places to visit in the city.

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