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10 Things To See And Do In Memphis

Are you stuck inside your hometown with the Memphis blues again?  Saddle up your car, hire a sitter for your houseplants, pack up the family and ride off into the sunset towards the chosen land of Memphis, Tennessee.  Presumably, if you’re interested in visiting Memphis you’re probably a music fan or you are at least interested in the art form’s history. Memphis is a musical Mecca (everyone knows Elvis) and one of the original birthplaces of Soul music as well as the Blues. This holy land has a lot to offer for any “soul searching” musical pilgrims with sacred musical sites abounding.  While Memphis boasts a plethora of musically oriented sites, the city also provides a variety of attractions and experiences for those who are not so interested in music history.  So prepare yourselves, EscapeHere has a list of the Top Ten things to do and see in Memphis, Tennessee.

10. The Sun Studio

The Sun Studio is one of the most musically and historically rich sites in the entirety of The Unites States. It is certainly a legendary site in terms of music history, having been the place where Elvis Presley recorded his very first song. It also served as an initial foundation for recordings by many Rock n’ Roll legends such as Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and a multitude of other musicians. The studio has also been used by contemporary musicians such as U2, John Mellencamp and Def Leppard as a recording space. Sun Studio is the home base for the equally distinguished record label, Sun Records and was also used as a setting in many films, including “Walk the Line,” “Great Balls of Fire” and “Mystery Train.”

Due to its rich history and importance to the development of American music, the Sun Studio is also a National Historic Landmark, and is protected from demolition by the United States Government.  As an attraction, it includes a high quality gift shop, complete with a coffee house and soda fountain as well as an upstairs museum where any visitor will be directed and informed of Sun Studios’ history by extremely knowledgeable tour guides. The tours offer information for the most die-hard of music fans but they also provide information for the casual visitor.

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