10 Things to See and Do in Melbourne Australia

10 Things to See and Do in Melbourne Australia

The city of Melbourne Australia is home to over 4 million people making it the second most populated city in Australia, coming in second only to Sydney. Located on the bay of Port Philip, Melbourne has so much to offer it’s no wonder why it’s currently rated as the Most Livable City in the World. While Sydney tends to get the majority of international attention, many travelers find that it’s Melbourne that holds a special place in their hearts after they’ve returned home.

10. Take Public Transit

You’ll probably be able to cross this off your list without even trying while you explore this dynamic city. Melbourne has one of the best public transit systems of any major city in Australia and quite possibly the world. The city’s trains, buses and world famous trams are an easy and affordable way to get around and the timetables and routes are easy to figure out. You can ride with ease by purchasing a myki card (available at many news agencies or the Melbourne Visitor Center in Federation Square) which allows you to pre-load your card with cash and swipe on and off of any tram, bus or train. There’s also a free tourist tram that does a loop around the city center.

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