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The Greatest Things to See and Do in Los Angeles

If movies are to be believed, the only thing LA has going for it is the Hollywood sign. Wrong! LA is a vibrant city that combines culture, history and the great outdoors. The city truly does offer something for everyone, from young to old, whatever your passion, whether it’s food, sports or something else entirely. Still not convinced LA should be your next trip? From the standard Hollywood fare to some more off-beat attractions, including cultural adventures and getting back to nature, here are just 10 of the things you can see and do in LA.

10. Walk the Walk

A classic. You simply can’t go to Los Angeles without visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame! You’ll feel like a star yourself strolling along Hollywood Boulevard, admiring actors, actresses, musicians, comedians and other celebrities who’ve entertained generation after generation, leaving their mark on both the Walk and our memories.

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