10 Things to See and Do in Iceland


8. Go Whale Watching in Husavik

Whale watching is extremely popular in Iceland and there is no better place to experience this adventure than in Husavik. It is internationally recognized as one of the best locations in the world to see whales, and there is a higher chance of seeing whales here than any other place in Iceland. Although there are 23 species of whales that have been recorded in these waters, the most typical visitors are Humpbacks, Minke and Blue. Visitors are privy to the playful nature of the Humpbacks as they jump out of the water and slap their fins against the water. There are four companies to choose from when it comes to whale watching in this area and all of them offer something different. Choose from a wooden boat, speed boats or singing tours. Bundle up, remember your camera and take to the sea on an incredible adventure.

7. Take a Dip in Askja

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Iceland without experiencing Askja Caldera where you can take a dip in the volcanic crater, but getting there is far from easy. The uninhabited interior of Iceland is only accessible for a few short weeks during the summer and making your way to this crater involves a long drive over some serious bumpy roadways. Viti is actually the name of the warm geothermal lake that is formed at the bottom of one of Askja’s craters, and it is here where you can swim in the stunning blue waters. Make sure to pack your hiking boots as it’s a trek to Viti through the Askja caldera, across black sand dunes. The water is warm, somewhat bubbly and slimy all at the same time, and certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences you will have.

Askja Caldera Iceland
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