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10 Things to See and Do in Iceland

Iceland, a land where fire and ice co-exist, home to the best free education, the best life expectancy and the world’s biggest hot tub. An under-populated island marooned near the top of the globe that offers awe-inspiring landscapes, creative locals and breathtaking natural phenomenons. It is hard to imagine living though a lifetime without experiencing this magical place and from geothermal hot pools to soak in, to powerful waterfalls to a rainbow of colorful mountains, one must simply travel here to believe it. There is an abundance of epic experiences in Iceland to have, and here are just 10 things we think you should see and do, whether it’s your first trip or your 50th.

10. Experience the Northern Lights

Getting to see the Northern Lights is one of the biggest draws for travelers coming to Iceland and certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences a person can have in their lifetime. The best time to view the Northern Lights in Iceland is from September-April as those are the months with full dark nights. Unfortunately, weather can play a huge role in whether or not you can see the lights and its actually recommended you stay for at least 7 nights in Iceland to have the best shot in seeing them. Make sure to get out of the city and into the countryside for the best viewing, where there is no light pollution. There are many country cottages and hotels to book where you can see the lights from your front porch, or join a guided tour whether by land or even by boat. Remember to bundle up, bring your camera and prepare for an unbelievable light show.

Reykjavik, Iceland

9. Go Cold Water Snorkeling

It is one of the most extreme things you can do in Iceland, snorkeling or diving Silfra, also known as The Rift. It is home to astonishingly clear waters, fed by glaciers with an average temperature of 2 degrees C. Silfra is the rift between the American and Eurasia tectonic plates, meaning you can literally snorkel right between America and Europe. What you won’t find here are any fish, they tend to stay put in Thingvellir Lake, instead you will be treated to a dazzling display of color. Different types of algae provide a color-scope unlike anything you have seen before, ranging from all shades of blues to purples to oranges and yellow. Outfitted in thermal clothes plus a dry suit, snorkelers will not feel the icy water nor will you have to swim, as the dry suit’s buoyancy keeps you afloat. Discover the world’s clearest waters in Iceland.

Silfra Iceland
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