10 Things to See and Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia


9. Sponza Palace

If Gothic Renaissance style thrills you in the slightest, don’t miss a visit to Dubrovnik’s 16th century Sponza Palace. The stone building is almost entirely rectangular with an interior courtyard built in a blend of Renaissance and Gothic styles. Constructed by local Croatian builder Paskoje Miličević, the palace’s original purpose was as a center where worldwide merchants brought goods to be assessed and settle a type of customs fee. Some of the best attractions inside are the sculptures and loggia (an exterior, covered gallery) crafted by a variety of legendary stonecutters. The loggia is supported by a series of arches, creating a sublime courtyard open to the elements. The open air atrium is a breathtaking sight that has played host to myriad weddings and special events. In its time, Sponza Palace has been a treasury, a mint, an armory, a bank, and even the location of a school.

Sponza Palace, Croatia

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