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The Best Things to See and Do in Detroit

Known for being the largest city in the state of Michigan, Detroit, also known as the “Motor City” and the birthplace of Motown Records, has faced financial challenges that few cities have had to deal with. The population has dropped substantially to just under 700,000 people and many businesses have closed in recent years but the city is on its way to recovery and healing.
There are still many wonderful things to see and do in Detroit, so don’t miss out. For the music aficionado, you can visit the Motown Historical Museum or if that doesn’t suit your fancy, visit Joe Louis Arena, Ford Field, Comerica Park, Detroit Institute of Arts, The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, or Greektown Casino Hotel for a wide variety of experiences just to name a few. And don’t forget to drive the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel to punctuate the start and finish of your vacation adventure.

10. Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is an underground highway tunnel connecting Detroit, Michigan, United States with Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Completed in 1930, it is the second busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing after the nearby Ambassador Bridge with about 13,000 cars a day making the crossing. The tunnel is jointly owned by the two cities and contributes to 150,000 jobs in the region and $13 billion in annual production.

The two lane tunnel is just under a mile long at 5,160 feet (1,573 m) and at its lowest point is 75 feet (23 m) below the surface of the river. It is the world’s third international underground tunnel and the first underground vehicle tunnel between two countries. The tunnel is constructed of immersed tube consisting of sections of steel tube in a trench in the bottom of the river. There are three levels, with the bottom level bringing fresh air in under pressure which is then forced to the second level where the traffic lanes are located and the third is where vehicle exhaust is vented at both ends of the tunnel. Driving through the tunnel is like entering another world and a fun experience for the family when entering and/or leaving Detroit.

Detroit Windsor Tunnel
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