Things to See and Do in Colorado Springs

Things to See and Do in Colorado Springs

Curious and wondering what to do in the Colorado Springs area? The place offers no shortage of activities, with at least 55 attractions available for you to check out. Natural parks and wildlife areas, trains, museums, a zoo, and so much more come together to create a wide-ranging experience for tourists. The state is covered with majestic forests and mountains appealing to the outdoorsman, and a rich history that is yours to explore.
Keeping your family and kids entertained shouldn’t be a problem. Colorado Springs offers a wealth of educational and fun activities based around that same history. Colorado has a diverse array of activities available so that people from all walks of life and interests can enjoy themselves. Whether you’re the indoor type who likes to keep to museums, or the outdoorsy adventurous type who likes to camp and climb mountains. Here are 10 awesome things to see and do in Colorado Springs.

10. Pikes Peak

Everyone who visits Colorado Springs should go see and climb Pikes Peak. It is known as the largest summit in the United States. The peak is 14,115 feet tall and is located in the Pike Nation Forest. It is 12 miles southwest of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado. The peak has been designated as a National Historic Landmark, and is one of Colorado’s 53 ‘Fourteeners’, meaning it’s a mountain that rises above 14,000 feet. The first person to climb the peak was Edwin James. He was a young student who had just graduated Middlebury College in Vermont.

James and two other men climbed the peak in 2 days and found little difficulty along the way. He was the first person to describe the blue columbine, which is also Colorado’s state flower. After gold was discovered in Denver in 1858 newspapers referred to Pikes Peak as a cold mining area. This increased the habitation of the area and mining activities as well. Major gold was not discovered in the area until 1893. It was considered one of the last gold rushes in the lower 48 states.

Pikes Peak
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