10 Things to See and Do in Colombia

10 Things to See and Do in Colombia

Colombia is now safe, affordable and attracting tourists like never before. The beautiful beckoning beaches, the crystal clear waters, the ancient archaeological sites and the salsa dancing are just a few of the things this country is known for. This vibrant country is alive with music and color; has a wonderful climate and is welcoming visitors with open arms. Hike up an active volcano, explore a walled city or dive with schools of hammerhead sharks; it is all possible in the beautiful city of Colombia. Here are 10 things to see and do for every visitor heading here.

10. Scuba Dive

There are many sites to dive and snorkel throughout Colombia, but if you are looking for one of the world’s best diving spots, you must head to Malpelo; three rocks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It can only be reached by joining a diving cruise, but once there visitors are treated to the Mount Everest of sharks. Schools of sharks including Hammerheads, Silky, White-Tips and Whale sharks are all present here. If you aren’t an experienced diver you will want to stay away from this dive spot and check out the calmer waters of Providencia and San Andres where warm water, great visibility, colorful coral, a variety of exotic fish and two sunken ships await you. The coast near Santa-Marta is another popular dive spot with extremely low prices, leading many people to get certified here, as well as offering corals, turtles and a variety of fish.

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