10 Things to See and Do in Cardiff

10 Things to See and Do in Cardiff

Cardiff, the largest and capital city of Wales, is the chief commercial center of the country. It is the most popular tourist destination in Wales and in 2011, Cardiff was ranked sixth in the world as an alternative tourist destination by National Geographic. It was named a city in 1905 and declared the capital of Wales in 1955. There are several sporting venues in Cardiff and the city was awarded the European City of Sport in 2009 because of its role in hosting major international sporting events and was awarded it again in 2014. Cardiff is divided into several communities with several of them having their own community council while the rest fall under the jurisdiction of Cardiff City Council. There are many popular destinations in Cardiff as well as other hidden treasures you’ll want to check out while there.

10. Cardiff Bay

Created by the Cardiff Barrage, Cardiff Bay is located in south Cardiff and is one of the most successful regeneration projects in the United Kingdom. It is supplied by two rivers forming a 500-acre (2.0 km 2) freshwater lake. It used to be tidal with access to the sea being limited to a couple of hours each side of high water, but now three locks offer 24 hour access. The mudflats at the mouths of the River Taff and River Ely were inundated with loss of habitat for wading birds, but The Barrage provided several new habitats for freshwater species with the wetlands to the south of Hamadryad Park. There are some interesting and beautiful buildings located in the area, like St. David’s Hotel, The Pierhead Building, The Senedd, Wales Millennium Centre, Norwegian Church, Craft in the Bay, Techniquest, Roald Dahl Plass, Mermaid Quay and The Tube visitor’s centre. The water-based attractions include Cardiff Bay Wetland Reserve, Cardiff Waterbus, Cardiff Bay Barrage, Lightship 2000, Queen Alexandra Dock, Cardiff International Pool, Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff Sailing Centre, Cardiff Yacht Club and Cardiff City Rowing Club. There is lots to see and do here while enjoying the pristine waters all around you.

Cardiff Bay
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