10 Things to See and Do in Cape Town, South Africa

10 Things to See and Do in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of three capital cities in South Africa, a primate city and among the most populated in the country. The city is well-known for its harbour, the Cape Floristic Region, Table Mountain and Cape Point. There are many things to see and do here like visiting Boulders Beach, Table Mountain and the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden or have some adventures cage diving with sharks or perhaps going on a wildlife safari. Whatever your preference, you will find it in Cape Town…adventure, natural beauty, urban excitement and peaceful tranquility.

10. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is a beach made up of inlets between granite boulders on either side giving it its namesake. In 1982, a colony of African Penguins settled there attracting many visitors. Though it is close to a residential area, the beach offers a safe haven for these birds where visitors can get up close and observe them while the penguins roam freely. The colony started out with just two breeding pairs and since then, the colony has grown to over 3,000. Boulders Beach is the one of the most popular recreational areas, but the penguins are best viewed from Foxy Beach where boardwalks take you within feet of the magnificent birds. Penguins may not be something you’d expect to see in Africa, but with this beautiful beach in arms reach of Cape Town, you’ll have a chance to meet these mild mannered birds up close.

Boulder's Beach

9. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Located at the eastern foot of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is a well-flourished garden covering five of Africa’s six different biomes. Within the gardens is a large conservatory (The Botanical Society Conservatory) exhibiting a selection of plants from the savanna, fynbos, karoo and other areas. The outdoor area of the gardens focuses on native plants and flora in the Cape area. There are several trails leading from the gardens, up to the mountain slopes that are great for hikers and mountaineers. The most popular trail is up a ravine called Skeleton Gorge and is an easy route to the summit of Table Mountain. So if you would like to enjoy a beautiful garden and some great hiking, you must make this one of your vacation destinations.

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