10 Things to See and Do in Belize

10 Things to See and Do in Belize

This tiny country that is sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala is quickly becoming one of the hottest eco-tourist destinations in the world. Here is where you will find amazing preserved ancient Mayan cities, lush tropical jungles and stunning white sand beaches with brilliant blue waters to swim in. Throw in the fact that English is the official language, the weather is beautiful all year round and there are hundreds of islands to visit just a boat ride away and it’s no wonder people are flocking here year after year. From beaches to ruins to the famous Blue Hole; here are 10 awesome things to see and do in Belize.

10. Take a Helicopter Ride

There is diving into the Blue Hole, another experience unlike any other and then there is flying over the Blue Hole, an experience that will absolutely blow your mind. If you have never taken a helicopter ride, Belize is the perfect country to do so. Flying over the Blue Hole can be costly, but seeing the near perfect circle of indigo surrounded by coral reefs is truly breathtaking. Helicopters will hover allowing you to take fabulous photos. Other helicopter tours are offered throughout the country taking visitors above the city itself and the barrier reef. The pilot will also take you over many of the islands just offshore. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and divers on these tours! Whether you are floating through the air above the world famous Blue Hole or discovering what the reef looks like from above, we can promise it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Blue Hole, Belize
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