10 Things to See and Do in Belgrade

10 Things to See and Do in Belgrade

Serbia’s capital will never woo tourists with its grandeur or seduce them with its beauty. Belgrade’s charm is much more hidden, but once it’s discovered, it’s difficult for visitors to tear themselves away. The city is known for its nightlife, with clubs spinning an eclectic mix of music and revelers straggling home at dawn. But Belgrade’s café culture will perk new life into tired souls, providing that needed second wind to explore its fortress, seek out traditional cuisine, learn about its socialist past and find their own reasons for loving this ancient city.

10. Fuel Yourself With the City’s Street Food

Let’s be honest: there’s not a lot of healthy snacks to be found on Belgrade’s streets. But once you sample some of the delicious goodies to be had (on the very cheap) you’re not likely to care. For breakfast, make like a local and head to a pekara. Belgrade bakeries offer plenty of treats to satisfy a sweet tooth, but natives breakfast on pita, a savory pastry stuffed with minced meat, cheese or spinach. After a night spent clubbing, head to Loki, an all-night joint famous for their pljeskavica, which is the Balkan version of a hamburger yet somehow much better.

Belgrade Food

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