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10 Things to See and Do in Barbados

Barbados truly has it all; beautiful beach resorts, wild surf, lush green landscapes, crashing waves against dramatic cliffs, an abundance of marine life and a mix of old and new. The locals welcome tourists with open arms, frying up fish for them at the local fish fry, teaching them to surf and welcoming them to their plantations for rum tasting. Whether you are going to Barbados to explore the beauty of the wilderness, eat like a local, spend time with family or swim in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean; here are 10 things you should not miss out on.

10. Visit Cove Bay

It isn’t the easiest area to get to in Barbados but this lovely picnic spot where the wave’s pound against the high cliffs is absolutely worth it. Located on the north-east coast, it requires you to drive through fields, often dodging sheep, goats and cows, in order to get here. This area is often deserted, making it an ideal spot to take pictures of the incredible cliffs, turquoise waters of the Atlantic and dramatic rock formations. During high tide the water is quite active so swimming is not recommended. Low tide brings the development of natural pools though and many people choose to swim then. Make sure you pack everything you need as there are no restaurants or amenities on-site. For the best views on the entire island, Cove Bay is where you will want to head.

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