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The Best Things to See and Do in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico may not be on everyone’s go-to list of American destinations but the southwestern state is home to a plethora of unique sights and activities that seem to be have a particular amount of care and thought put into them. Multiple balloon exhibits, zoos, wineries and parks make up a place that isn’t as sports crazy as the rest of the country, relying on fantastic scenery and relatively unappreciated culture to attract tourists. A couple of minor league sports teams call Albuquerque home, while the region is lush with venues that are just asking to be visited. Proximity to California, Las Vegas and of course Mexico is enjoyed by its residents, and makes for a great place to retire or spend cold winter months that cannot be enjoyed in locations to the north. Visit Albuquerque at a different pace than other cities; sit back and enjoy the view because things are done a little differently in the southwest.

10. Sandia Peak Tramway

This is the world’s longest aerial tram ride (think cable cars in the same fashion as a ski lift) taking visitors nearly three miles to the top of the 10,000-foot summit of the Sandia Mountains. The views are spectacularly breathtaking on the way to the peak where visitors can stop for a bite to eat on top of the mountain. Dining facilities are also available at the bottom of the mountain.

Of course, this location makes for a great ski or snowboarding venture, which is not exactly what comes to mind when one pictures New Mexico. The views are incredible and locals and tourists alike revere the tramway, as this kind of experience cannot be offered anywhere else on the planet. Stay for a weekend with friends or family if the southwestern air gets too stuffy, as this is a top-notch resort tucked into the lower corner of the United States.

Sandia Peak Tramway
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