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10 Reasons to Visit Cuba this Year

Miles of white sand beaches, small tucked away towns, striking architecture, clear blue waters and the best cigars in the world are all found in the lovely country of Cuba. With an ease on travel restrictions for Americans to this Island we have conjured up the top ten reasons you need to visit Cuba this year. From tours of working tobacco farms to world heritage sites to American classic cars that take you back to the 1950’s visitors will feel as though they have stepped back in time when they enter this country. The people of Cuba are really the treasure of this island with their lively culture, beautiful creativity and welcoming hospitality. If you are a return tourist to Cuba; you know just how amazing it is and perhaps this article will uncover a few new things to discover. For the Cuba newbie’s; get ready to explore how fabulous this country is with the top ten reasons to visit Cuba this year.

10. Get There Before the Crowds

Traveling to Cuba got a little easier for Americans this year when the Obama administration announced a thaw in relations between the two countries. Besides reestablishing the American Embassy in Havana the Obama Government has relaxed the travel restrictions to Cuba. Although at this time Americans are still required to travel with a tour group, it is expected that in the future they will have the same travel rights as everyone else into the country. What does this mean for tourism? It means that more and more tourists are going to discover this magical island and all that it has to offer. The time to get to Cuba is now, before the crowds and before the country is forced into losing some of their culture in order to please the tourists. Part of Cuba’s charm is the lack of giant ritzy hotels, overcrowded beaches and unauthentic restaurants. Cuba stands for authenticity and culture and friendly people and the more tourists that visit the less likely that becomes. So why visit Cuba this year? To get the true experience of an unforgettable country that offers true genuine hospitality, breathtaking landscapes and incredible people.

9. Oak Aged Rum

One of the most famous products to come out of Cuba besides tobacco is the sweet delicious Rum. A country made rich by sugarcane it was only a matter of time before the Cubans discovered that the thick sweet molasses; a by-product of sugarcane could be used to make rum. Like the country itself, the history of rum is long and tumultuous. In 1862 The Bacardi Rum Company was formed and for almost a hundred years was the most well-known rum in Cuba; that is until the Castro government seized all property and forced the family into exile. Today the popular Havana Club is found everywhere on this Island whereas Bacardi now operates out of Bermuda. The Mojito, The Cuba Libre and the Daiquiri all originated in this country and can be found almost everywhere you go. Finding the perfect and best one is a challenge a lot of visitors choose to take. Visits to the Havana Club Rum Museum and the Factory Bocoy are just a couple stops on any rum tour. The original Bacardi Rum Factory still exists in Santiago de Cuba and although tours are not allowed inside, it is worth a visit to the grand grounds for tastings and souvenirs. It would be a travesty to leave Cuba without trying at least a few types of rums and is just one more reason to visit this beautiful country.

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