10 Must-See Natural Attractions in Iceland

10 Must-See Natural Attractions in Iceland

Situated at the edge of the famous Arctic Circle and located in one of the most active volcano spots in the whole world, Iceland is increasing its popularity every day when it comes to tourism. Iceland, at present, has the prestige to be one of the most impressively beautiful places in all of Europe.

One can discover fantastic landscapes and natural spots such as the rugged fjords, hot springs, and mixture of glaciers. Tourism in this country is also becoming flourished by activities like taking a bath in superb blue lagoons and hiking in midnight sun.

Below are some of the most famous and visited natural attractions in this beautiful country.

1. Blue Lagoon

This popular man-made geothermal spa of crystal clear water is the only site on earth you can swim in 40 degree centigrade water year round, and yet be encircled by ice and snow. An area where a by-product of the Svartsengi geothermal power plant is located, the lagoon’s rich mineral content is known to be helpful to a variety of settings. The icy aquamarine waters set alongside the black background of the plain landscape make this glaring contrast even more impressive making it the most photographed attraction in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
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