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10 Must See Historic Attractions in Dublin Ireland

Dublin, Ireland is a land of natural beauty, rolling landscapes, and picturesque hillsides. The temperate weather and frequent foggy patches give the land an almost mystical effect. Scores of tourists flock to the region each year to learn about the rich history and enjoy all the attractions that the land has to offer. There are literally hundreds of ancient artifacts, famous landmarks, and monuments of historical importance that people add to their must see lists. The striking combination of ancient structures and modern architecture make Ireland an ever popular tourist attraction. Since it would be nearly impossible to see everything worthwhile in one brief visit to Dublin, these are some of the top spots that should be a priority on the list of exhibits and attractions.

1. Dublin Castle

Since construction completed in 1204, this original Celtic settlement structure has been in continuous use. Today, the city center enjoys a prominent location that is used for important conferences, events, and fine dining for the elite. If these walls could talk, they would spill secrets of invasions, espionage, famine, and the occasionally peaceful and wealthy rule. The elaborately decorated and internationally notorious state rooms are open to the public for guided tours and give visitors a glimpse into the past and an idea about how royal families may have managed their daily lives. In a land full of historic landmarks and stone castles, the Dublin Castle is considered an original.

Dublin Castle

2. National Museum of Ireland

The national museum features four total branches, three of which are located in Dublin. Archaeology, Decorative Arts and History, and the Natural History Museum buildings are within walking distance of other major Dublin attractions. The collections found here are entertaining, enlightening, and awe inspiring. Dedicating an entire day to these sites provides visitors with a thorough understanding of the interesting history of Ireland, as well as the sometimes dark side of Irish politics, and a lighthearted look at the age old customs, rituals, and cultural aspects that still have significant impact on every generation of Irish decent.

National Museum of Ireland
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