9 Most Overrated Cities in the US


5. Asheville

Asheville is probably one of the prettiest smaller cities in the southeast. Very culturally similar to Portland, Asheville has something that Portland doesn’t – disgruntled residents. They just don’t seem to be very happy that you’re there, unless you happen to fit a certain mold. The reasons are understandable – it’s a city that has become the “it” place for younger people across the southeast, which amounts to massive traffic and other stresses on a city that doesn’t have the ability to accommodate it.
Asheville North Carolina

4. NYC

You would think that New York City would be higher on the list, especially considering how big it is. However, that’s the very reason why it’s not higher. You can essentially hide yourself in a certain community and not feel as if you’re not in New York at all. However, the city as a whole is overrated for a couple of reasons. It’s expensive, rude, and boisterous. Yes, all the time.
New York City

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