10 Most Enchanting Towns in Germany

10 Most Enchanting Towns in Germany

In a country filled to bursting with medieval villages, charming towns, idyllic small cities and gorgeous scenery, it’s tough to narrow down a list of the 10 best places to visit. We’ve left out the big cities, of course, as they’ve got enough lists of their own. Instead we’ve put together a mix of tiny towns and smallish cities, and tried to pull from various regions to help paint a full picture of the beauty of Germany. This list is guaranteed to make travelers want to visit at least a few of the 10 of the most enchanting towns in Germany.

10. Lindau, Bavaria

Lindau’s old town sits on a small island in Lake Constance, near the borders of Austria and Switzerland. That makes its setting almost obscenely beautiful, set within aquamarine waters reflecting the mountains and shores of both Lindau’s neighbors. The entrance to the town’s harbor is captivating, featuring the Der Bayerische Löwe (Bavarian Lion) towering on one side, and a lovely little lighthouse flanking the other. The best way to view both the harbor and the scenery surrounding Lindau is to hop on a ferry. The lakeside can also be explored via bikes, which are available to rent in town. Because the majority of Lindau’s charm lies in its beauty, feel free to relax. Stroll around town, check out the garden district, then sit back and enjoy a glass of local wine while sampling cheese and fruit from nearby farms and orchards.

Lindau, Bavaria

9. Meissen, Saxony

This eastern town is famed for its porcelain, which it’s been producing since 1710 and is still selling today. But even those not interested in picking up a piece of china bearing Meissen’s distinctive crossed swords should take time to browse the town. Of course, you’ll run into more porcelain in the Market Square, where the Frauenkirche features porcelain bells that ring throughout the day. Climb the church’s 57 meter tower for great views across the old town’s red roofs to the Elbe River beyond. Be sure, too, to check out the Albrechtsburg, the town castle featuring murals depicting Saxon history as well as soaring interior arches painted with beautiful designs. Here, too, you’ll find information on porcelain, proving it’s really not possible to entirely escape Meissen’s most famous product.

Meissen, Saxony 2
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