10 Interesting Facts About Sweden


8. Grab Your Skis and Get to Work

Sweden is a northern nation; the capital city of Stockholm lies on the 59th parallel. As such, it’s not entirely unexpected that the country gets some pretty wicked winter weather. As much as winters can be long and cold, many Swedes enjoy being outside and active even in the snowy weather. And while we might think of skiing as something we do for fun on weekends, many Swedes see it as another mode of locomotion. Some will ski to train stations or bus stops; public transit comes equipped with storage space for skis. If someone lives close enough, they might even ski directly to the office. Of course, that doesn’t work everywhere; some urban areas use underground heating to melt snow from city sidewalks, so skiiers still take to the countryside for weekend powder.

cross sountry skiing

7. Summer Celebrations

Even though Swedes are apt to make the best of their wintry clime, they still like summer weather best. The summer is short in Sweden, which means that Swedes know how to make the best of the long sunshine hours between May and August. The summer solstice is typically the most important holiday on the Swedish calendar, celebrated on the weekend closest to June 21. Many use their long weekend to kick off their summer vacations, most of which will be 5 weeks or longer. Many businesses simply close for a few weeks in the summer while their staff takes some much-deserved time off. Swedes like to spend time in the countryside, enjoying much of the natural beauty their country has to offer. Outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, hiking and camping are also popular.

canoing sweden
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