10 Exciting Cities to Visit on Your Australian Cruise

10 Exciting Cities to Visit on Your Australian Cruise

Taking a cruise down under? From city to city, there are a number of attractions throughout Australia that you won’t want to miss. Below you’ll find a list of the best cities to visit while on your Australian cruise.

1. Adelaide

Nearly one-third of Australia’s wine is exported from Adelaide, making the vineyards a must-see attraction. Wildlife enthusiasts have several opportunities to be amazed from visiting Kangaroo Island, a refuge populated with everything from koalas, wallabies, sea-lions and of course, kangaroos, to taking a nocturnal walk at the Warrawong Sanctuary. This walk takes place as darkness falls, and some of Australians unique wildlife emerges including bandicoots and bettongs. To feed your shopping appetite, you’ll find locally-made ceramics, wood-crafts and paintings, as well as some of the world’s most incredible gemstones, white opals, which are mined and sold in Adelaide.

Adelaide Australia

2. Sydney

Bike across the Sydney Harbor Bridge or enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls of the Blue Mountains. And what trip to Sydney would be complete without a visit to the Sydney Opera House? This iconic modern structure is a feast for the eyes, while being known as a world-renowned performing arts center. From shopping to beaches to festivals and more, there’s an array of sights and activities for all ages.

Sydney Opera House
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