10 Essential Cultural Tips for Traveling to Thailand


8. Cover Up When Visiting Temples

When visiting any temples, monasteries, wats, palaces or other religious places, it’s important to cover up past your knees and wear sleeves as a sign of respect. Long sleeves and pants are the safest bet to avoid any cultural ignorance. You probably appreciate when visitors respect the traditions of your own country so showing the same level of respect is a good idea. Also, when entering a building check to see if others have removed their shoes, if so better take yours off as well.

clothing thailand temple

7. Enjoy a Massage (Carefully)

It’s a great idea to take advantage of the abundance of cheap massages available in Thailand, so don’t hesitate to get a few (or more) during your trip. But beware of any massage parlors that post signs saying ‘happy girls’ or anything mentioning girls or women specifically, it’s almost a sure thing that you’re walking into a brothel.

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