10 Day Trips from San Francisco

10 Day Trips from San Francisco

With the overwhelming number of things to do and see in San Francisco, you could very easily spend your vacation without leaving the city, but these day trips are totally worth prying yourself away for.  Beautiful beach towns, wine country, mountains, and forests are all just a drive away.  As a bonus, the chilly fog that frequently bogs down San Francisco is generally localized; chances are that it’s beautiful inland or down the coast!

1. Sausalito

A mere 20 minute drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito is a great way to quickly escape from the city.  If you don’t feel like planning, go to the visitor center and they’ll take you for a tour of the area for $25.  If you’re doing it alone, make sure you check out the Marine Mammal Center, go for a walk on the beach, or take a yoga paddle boarding lesson.  Ice cream, burgers, sushi, and cafés, Sausalito has everything you need to feel like a beach escape.

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