10 Cool Landmarks in Crater Lake National Park

10 Cool Landmarks in Crater Lake National Park

The absolute sereneness of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon belies its explosive beginnings. Formed after the eruption of Mount Mazama over 7,700 years ago, Crater Lake is the deepest in the United States at a depth of 1,943 feet. While searching for a gold mine, a young man named John Wesley Hillman and a small group of other miners discovered this glistening body of water in June of 1853.

Designated a national park in 1902, through the efforts of a man named William Gladstone Steel, this is truly a natural wonder. Rich with Native American history and legend, the park is a haven for both outdoor enthusiasts and scenic lovers from all around the world. While the park is open year-round, access to the area immediately surrounding the lake is limited to the summer months due to excessive yearly snowfall. Over half a million visitors still find their way here annually. Some of the highlights of the park include:

1. Crater Lake

A five-mile wide body of water situated inside a caldera. Water is supplied to the lake by the more than 500 inches of melting snow received annually in the area. Direct access to the lake is only available by hiking to Cleetwood Cove. The path leading to the cove is quite challenging. Visitors may only swim or fish in the lake; snorkeling and scuba-diving are not permitted. A boat dock exists for those wishing to take a two-hour cruise of the lake.
Crater Lake 1

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