10 Cool Facts About Marrakech, Morocco

10 Cool Facts About Marrakech, Morocco

Steeped in history, mystery, and glamour, Morocco’s city of Marrakech (or Marrakesh), is a temperate oasis of golden beaches, sprawling desserts, sacred ruins, luxurious spas, challenging golf courses, and charming local souks (or hand-craft markets).

However, in this North African city surrounded by so much mystery, you’d best be in the know prior to visiting. That’s why we’ve put together these ten cool facts about Marrakech, Morocco…

1. Spectacular Weather

The weather in Marrakech, like in the rest of Morocco, tends to be balmy and sun-soaked all year long—with a particular hot period from June to September when temperatures peak above 30-degrees-celsius.

morrocco sunset

2. Sun Protection Required

Often called the “Red City”, Marrakech requires sun protection and headgear all year long—even during winter.

head cover
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