10 Best Sights of Litchfield National Park

10 Best Sights of Litchfield National Park

Darwin and the surrounding Top End is home to some of the best weather, most breathtaking scenery and historically important sites in Australia, and is less often included in the traditional Australian travel trail, making it easier to find those pockets of real remote outback. 100km south of Darwin lies Litchfield National Park, named after Frederick Henry Litchfield – one of the initial explorers to visit the area in 1864. The park is a microcosm of Northern Territory wildlife and scenery crammed into 1500 square kilometres.  Sometimes overshadowed by the ‘other’ famous big park in Australia’s Northern Territory, Litchfield has just as many amazing experiences to be had. You can explore the park using your own vehicle, or take a guided tour from Darwin, either way, if you make it to the tropical north be sure to check out the best this park has to offer:

1. Florence Falls

Set just off the main sealed road that runs through the park and most likely the first set of falls you’ll arrive at after entering the park, Florence Falls is a beautiful segmented waterfall that splashes down 64 meters in total over several tiers to get to the idyllic plunge pool below.  Set in amongst luscious rainforest there is a viewing platform close to the parking area to take in the amazing view of the falls and surrounding valley. Then walk down over 150 stairs to take a closer look and have a dip in the pool (check conditions). To further explore the surrounding area, the Sandy Creek and Florence Creek trails nearby are easy going and mostly shaded.

Florence Falls Litchfield
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