10 Best European River Cruises

10 Best European River Cruises

Europe is the ultimate vacation destination. With history, culture, natural beauty, and a bevy of architectural masterpieces, there is little wonder why millions flock to the continent each and every year. There are many ways to travel through Europe and witness all of its splendor, but more and more savvy travelers are choosing river cruises and experiencing Europe from the water’s edge. Let’s take a look at the ten best European river cruises and further explore this unique travel option.

1. Rhine River

Meandering through five different countries onboard a Viking river cruise is an experience all by itself. With the amenities of a five-star hotel, there is no better way to see Europe than on board one of the fleet’s vessels cruising down the Rhine. From Amsterdam to the castle adorned Black Forest of Germany, this is the ultimate European river cruise.

Rhine River

2. Danube River

A 12-day journey through six countries and the heart of Europe on board the MS Primadonna is an equally impressive experience. With spacious accommodations, two bars, a sauna, and countless other features, your journey from Germany to Budapest could not be any more pleasant.

Danube River
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