10 Awesome Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest in the United States Denise Lett / Shutterstock.com

10 Awesome Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest in the United States

Oktoberfest, originally a celebration of a royal wedding, began over 200 years ago in a field in Munich, Germany. It’s now the largest festival on earth, with people coming all over the world to celebrate Bavarian culture and, of course, drink beer. But it’s not necessary to leave the United States to celebrate Oktoberfest. Many towns across the country have embraced their German heritage, putting together festivals that rival those in Munich. Other cities simply wanted an excuse to put on a party, combining local food and beer with German traditions to make their Oktoberfest unique. Read on for 10 of the best.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Hofsbrauhaus in Las Vegas advertises that visitors will ‘party like they are in Bavaria’ and it’s certainly true that those dropping in might think they’ve wandered into Germany by mistake. The Vegas beer hall which opened in 2004, is a perfect copy of Munich’s Hofbrauhaus and serves its Hefes, Dunkels and Oktoberfests, brewed in the U.S. using the same recipes as they do in Bavaria. This is the most static of the events on this list, occurring as it does in just one building, but with Vegas’s reputation for replicating the tiniest details, no one will leave disappointed. Join in on this celebration and you can expect to see plenty of lederhosen and even more dirndls, live Bavarian music and celebrity keg tapping.

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