10 Awesome Houseboat Neighborhoods Around the World


7. Tagg’s Island -London, United Kingdom

A century ago, Tagg’s Island on the Thames River near Hampton Court was a playground for aristocrats and artists. In the heart of London, the island became a popular hippie hangout in the 1960s, a time when the floating house lifestyle started catching on among the more free-spirited, adventurous types. Today, it has evolved into rows of impressive, modernist float homes that even have gardens and vehicle access. The spacious and luxurious homes frequently grace the pages of top design magazines and are the envy of architecture aficionados. Up close, the neighborhood is a striking sight and might make you rethink ordinary living spaces, especially with one of the best views of the Thames River. The floating mansions are also a favorite among celebrities like Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, who owns an Edwardian style float mansion moored at the perimeter. For the other residents at Taggs Island, it’s an oasis in the center of the bustling metropolis of London.

Tagg's Island, UK
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