10 Awesome Houseboat Neighborhoods Around the World


6. The Great Lakes, Michigan

Follow the snowbirds to Lake Huron and the Great Lakes of Michigan where lucky vacationers spend their summers in floating homes along the rugged coast of the Georgian Bay. In this remote and serene area of the Great Lakes, the style of floating houses varies, but all share the same vision of practicality. Mos Architects kept this in mind when designing a modern style float house that rests on steel platoons, allowing for the home to adapt to the constantly changing water levels. Simple wooden paneling and a rectangular structure also helps it blend in with the natural landscape, another cornerstone of contemporary design. In this case, it’s of the buoyant variety.

5. Fraser River -Ladner, British Columbia

Tucked away in the historic town of Ladner in British Columbia is the Fraser River and a serene floating neighborhood surrounded by bird sanctuaries, small farms, and wildlife parks. After exploring the water on kayaks and catching glimpses of waterfowl and rare nesting birds like the bald eagle, you can enjoy all the modern conveniences of a conventional home in this unique heritage community that makes up one of the suburbs of Vancouver. Originally a fishing village, Ladner is a water wonderland with marinas, dykes, canals, and rivers. A popular hangout for local residents is Speeds, a floating restaurant that encourages paddling as the main form of transportation. With the US border only 30 minutes away by car, it’s easy to catch a BC ferry to explore the many islands in the area. Its scenic, rustic beauty also makes it a favorite filming location.

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