10 Things to See in Iguazu National Park, Argentina

10 Things to See in Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Iguazu National Park in Argentina is Brazil’s second oldest national park. It provides protection to one of South America’s largest forested areas. Filled with breathtaking beauty and fantastic views, there are ten amazing things to see in Iguazu National Park.

1. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is the beautiful center piece of Iguazu National Park. It is a set of amazing water falls ranging from 60 to 82 meters high on the Iguazu River. The image of these wondrous falls are unforgettable. They are what draws so many people into Iguazu National Park each year. It has been awarded the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation.
Iguazu Falls - Iguazu National Park

2. Parque Nacional do Iquacu

Parque Nacional do Iquacu is a great place to view the natural beauty of Iguazu Falls. Ride the double decker bus to a 1.2 kilometer walkway. There are two look out points near the falls allowing up close encounters. One is situated down lower, while the other is further up along the river.
Parque Nacional do Iquacu

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