10 Amazing Quebec Eco-Lodges Photo by: Entre Cîmes et Racines

10 Amazing Quebec Eco-Lodges

A growing trend is upon us in terms of accommodations that are designed to have the least possible impact on the natural environment in which they are situated; these accommodations are known as eco-lodges. One province in Canada is taking the world by storm in terms of the different and unique eco-lodges they are offering. Quebec with its breathtaking mountains, endless lakes, lush green valleys in the summer and plenty of snow in the winter is becoming well known for its commitment to preserving the natural environment. From tree houses for grownups to luxury resorts that focus on reforestation to “glamping” in an unusual yurt; discover ten of these amazing eco-lodges in Quebec.

1. Chez Roger l’Ermite

More than just log cabins, Chez Roger offers a unique experience for visitors in the town of Saint-Come. These beautifully hand built cabins are nestled in the woods amongst species of trees, birds and surrounded by nature. Each one was carefully constructed by owner Martin Paradis and his father using several species of trees and recycled materials with respect to the environment. Two of the four eco-lodges have running fridges and electricity that are powered with solar energy from the solar panels on the roof. All are furnished with handcrafted furniture and recycled materials. Compostable toilets and outdoor showers complete the cabins.

The surrounding area is full of trails to explore, a river to cool off in and a nearby waterfall that offers stunning views in both the winter and summer. Snowshoes are available for guests to use and the owner is more than happy to both show you around and tell you the history of how this wonderful place came to be. Privacy and relaxation is important here at Chez Roger and visitors are encouraged to unplug and unwind as they explore the breathtaking surrounding nature.

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