About Us

Ever feel like you just want to escape everyday life and embark on an exciting journey around the world? You’re not alone.

Millions of people spend countless hours everyday researching and dreaming about places they’d like to travel. From world-renowned tourist destinations to hidden historical gems, there’s no shortage of wonderful places just waiting to be seen.

Whether you’re planning a trip, aspiring to learn more about the world or simply dreaming of the day you’ll embark on an exciting journey, Escape Here is here to help. We have hundreds of articles showcasing incredible tourist destinations, must-see attractions and interesting facts from cities all over the world.

Part of what makes Escape Here so amazing is its team of dedicated writers. Each member of our team is dedicated to bringing you the coolest and most exciting information every day.

Meet the Escape Here team below:

Angela Nightingale, Editor

Angela has traveled all around the world and has a great desire to share her experiences with the readers of Escape Here. After planning her own destination wedding and lavish honeymoon, Angela has tons of valuable advice for other men and women looking to escape to an exotic destination to tie the knot. Her many travels have been well documented in countless online publications and she’s now dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion for traveling exclusively with the readers of Escape Here.

Anna Fleet, Writer

Anna caught the travel bug in her early 20s. Much preferring a trip to southern France or the Costa Rican rain forest over a new wardrobe any day, she got in the habit of pinching her money for traveling adventures. After graduating from Journalism school she wised up and proclaimed, “I can probably make some money doing this!” Today, a multi-published print magazine and online writer, Anna combines her love of words and world exploration on EscapeHere.com.

Stuart Smith, Writer

Stuart has spent the past decade traveling all over the world. From backpacking across Europe to a one-month stay in South Africa, Stuart has experienced some of the most amazing places the world has to offer. His exciting adventures have left him with a true passion for not only seeing the world but sharing his experiences with as many people as possible.

Ryan May, Writer

After his first trip to Jamaica, Ryan was hooked! After all, in his opinion one can never get enough surf, sand, fancy cocktails, and endless rounds of golf while spending your days exploring the rich culture and history of another country so unlike your own. Ryan has used every excuse to travel since then, and luckily, has a ton of stories from his many adventures—including a mixed bag of bachelor parties in Las Vegas (shhhhhh), subsequent destination weddings on stunning Caribbean beaches, pub crawls in Ireland, and castle explorations in Scotland.